A LEARNING EXPERIENCE will be in the offing this time for second year high school teachers and students in both public and private schools all over the country come June 6, the opening of classes.

UBD at CSF: Beginning this school year, CSF is introducing its new curriculum framework thru Understanding by Design or UBD.

This after the Department of Education (DepEd) have spearheaded mass trainings/workshops for sophomore teachers on the 2010 Secondary Education Curriculum which now uses Understanding by Design (UbD) as its curriculum framework, informed Dr. Alejandrito L. Yman, Assistant Chief of the Curriculum and Learning Management Division of DepEd Regional Office 8.

Accordingly, UbD is a conceptual framework in education geared on “teaching by understanding”.

It was pioneered by two American educators Grant Wiggins and Jay McTighe in 1998.

As it was proven successful abroad, particularly in USA, Deped had pilot- tested it to 22 high schools in the country last year, WikiPilipinas also reported.

According to DepEd, said learning framework is slowly gaining ground as it was already introduced to first year students under the new curriculum.

Meanwhile, it was learned from Dr. Yman that only 1, 732 second year high school teachers have been budgeted here in the region for the said training due to DepEd’s financial constraints.

Despite the limited number of participants, Dr. Yman reminded the teachers to continue in making a difference to the lives of their students.

“The new curriculum is going to meet the worldwide demand for change, so that our graduates will become globally competent…Let’s us do our part for the sake of our students,” Dr. Yman stressed.

It was learned from Dr. Yman that UbD enables the students to learn a holistic view of their subject areas.

According to its proponents, UbD uses a “backward design”, a learning approach that started with identifying desired results before defining acceptable evidence and planning learning experiences and instruction.

“UbD not only connects all the disjointed facts that are taught in a class, but also make those facts worth learning.”

Also, it seeks to eliminate two common mistakes in traditional teaching method which involved coverage-focused and activity-focused teaching.

To recall, traditional method of teaching focuses on the teacher trying to cover all the topics and activities as specified by a manual for the entire school year, yet with students ending up without perfect understanding why they are being taught all these information and activities.

This method is also adopted in the country’s educational system.

With Ubd, students’ understanding will be measured if they can explain, apply, interpret, have perspective, empathize and gain self-knowledge on their lesson.

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