Drug syndicates commonly victimize teens due to the latter's curiosity and misinformation about drugs.

THE REPUTATION of our school depends primarily on the academic performance of the learners and on the competence of its teaching force in transmitting ideals, values, and knowledge to their students.

Considering also that teachers and students played a crucial role in nation -building it is imperative that a great deal of attention be given to them.

But what if illegal drugs get into their way? What would be the best response on this situation?
Like in a case when a student who got hooked into drugs started to escape his studies, joined a notorious group and involved himself into some criminal acts.

It is during this worst- case scenario that school officials and concerned government agencies with the help of the parents to pool effort in saving the life of the student.

Basically, this kind of situation will be prevented if students will pursue and practice the teachings in the school. More, this can be simply avoided if students apply the counsel of their teachers especially on the effect of harmful drugs.

Indeed, there is a grain of truth in the saying: Curiosity kills the cat. It is on this ground that students must not allow themselves to be lured into the so-called “glamour” of drug-addiction as proposed by some media or by their peers.

Fellow students, we must remember that with a single attempt in using narcotics/harmful drugs (be it marijuana, shabu, cocaine, non-prescribed medicines, etc.) a great deal in our values, ideals, and knowledge will be robbed from our psyche.

I believe that there is nothing more tragic than the death of a young and promising youth or student to harmful drugs.

The choice is on our hands. Bear in mind that taking drugs is not only wasting our future but also wasting the ideals of our beloved school.

ABOUT THE WRITER: Anna Jean is the Class Valedictorian and CSF Today Editor-in-Chief for the SY 2010-2011. At present, Anna Jean is taking up Political Science at University of the Philippines-Tacloban Campus.

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