To graduate is every student's dream in life.

EDUCATION IS VITAL to every human being. I do believe that without education a man is liken to a home without solid foundation.

However, education has to be personally earned. It cannot be bought and borrowed.

No one can be a learned man in an instant. We have to take knowledge one at a time.

Therefore, as a student we should appreciate all the lessons from our mentors while we are in school because their teachings serve as passport for our success in life.

We should be grateful for what we have or whatever is our status in life.

We cannot change our past, but we can change our destiny by applying the knowledge we earned in school.

With this, we must not allow poverty to be an obstacle in our pursuit for a better life.

Education is a wealth that cannot be taken from us. It is priceless, precious legacy our parents can give to us. It should be cherished.

We may not look rich and act like celebrities, but with knowledge we cannot be fooled by anyone.

Finishing our education can give us many advantages. It enables us to get a decent job and makes us a productive citizen in this country. More, education can elevate our outlook in life.

Remember: It is better to endure the hardships of education than to taste the bitterness of ignorance.

ABOUT THE WRITER: Brando graduated valedictorian last March 2011. He is now a college freshman at Leyte Normal University- Tacloban city and hopes to be a teacher someday.

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