The Master Photographer Jimmy Domingo (on white shirt) together with CSF TODAY Editorial staff during a photo-workshop at Baybay's public market area.

BECAUSE OF JIMMY DOMINGO, CAMP BLOG 2011 has never been the same for CSF TODAY’s editorial staff.

Domingo, a leading photo-journalist in the country, joined this year’s Camp Blog at Visayas State Univerity (VSU), in Baybay, Leyte for a two-day photo lecture.

After a brief introduction, the participants were then introduced to the basics of photojournalism, to include: finding the object to photograph; taking the photograph; processing the image; and presenting the image.

Also, Domingo shared his tips in capturing quality photos.

” Photography involves action and interaction. Experiment and explore in taking photos. Shot from a variety of angles. Framing, composition and content are also important in photography, ” he said.

Photo-workshop, critiquing and post-processing were also held during the event.

Accordingly, Domingo started his career in photography during the few remaining years of Martial law in the country. His published photos during those years mostly involved of state military violently dispersing Anti-Marcos demonstrators.

At present, he is teaching photography courses at the De La Salle University in Manila and working as photo editor for various news agencies here and abroad, and also acting as iSchool’s consultant on photo-reporting.

Also, he is one of the founders and now board member of Philippine Center for Photojournalism.
BY JENNELIZA ARGUELLES with reports from I. Sanchez

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