JUNE 6, 2006. I spent my first day at Carigara School of Fisheries observing my classmates—their mannerism, attitudes, and yes, their looks. I purposely did this so I would know who among my fellow students deserves my loyalty, my companionship and friendship.

In the end, however, I was wrong. Alas, my constant observations and expectations towards my classmates yielded a very disappointing result.

Soon, I have learned that one can never know a person if one is only staring at him or her—in the case of my classmate Anna Jean Eria–from a distance. After knowing this wisdom, I immediately shook this form of naiveté from my self and vowed never to practice it again.

I could still recall my first meeting with Anna Jean. I saw her just sitting timidly and silently in a corner while the rest of us were noisy during our first day in English class.

And as I caught Jean’s eyes I had immediately concluded that she don’t want to befriend the rest of our classmates. Yet, as I have said earlier, I was wrong.

Surprisingly, Jean turned out to be a gregarious or out-going person in our class. I would frequently saw her chatting with our classmates, helping and motivating them with their school works, and sometimes buying them snacks if her allowance warrants it.

From first year until our senior years, I have learned to love Anna Jean.

Not because I have found out that she’s excellent in our class but because she still remains down-to-earth despite her many accomplishments in the school.

Born last October 25, 1993, to her proud parents Mr. Carlito and Alicia Eria of Jugaban, Carigara, Jean’s astrological sign is Scorpio.

In my research, Jean’s personalities did matched to her birth star.

“Scorpios are strong, deep, mysterious, complex, and also secretive. They love to unveil the mysteries of life, and are usually very emotional.

More, they are achievers, striving to succeed, and do well in life. They are often an influence of leadership and play important roles in the lives of people surrounding them. “

Being with Jean for four years, I have found out that she is determined and often very passionate, exciting, and loyal companion.

Also, Jean being the eldest daughter in the family is kind, loving, and protective.

This must be the reason why most of us are easily drawn to her personality as most of us want to be around with somebody who has an alert mind and a big heart.

Believe it or not, Jean can easily think of a solution whenever a problem arises in our class discussion or even in our group. She’s not only a smart but a nurturing and mindful friend as well.

Like her birth star, Jean is very good at sustaining others and always appears to have a sense of purpose. Yes, I believe that she is a born leader and thinker.

Also, Jean has proven to us that success always comes to those people who have practice the 3Ps: patience, persistence, and prayer.

After high school, I know Jean and I ( and the rest of our batch mates) will be separated. However, I am always assured that Jean will remain true to her self and to every one of us by the time we will see each other again.

She has already shown us how to truly appreciate a person—may he be a friend or a foe.

Also, she is goal-oriented. She doesn’t only dream but cherish every opportunity to work out her dream into reality. I know she will always be like this. Her destiny is not only written in the stars but also written in her hands.

She makes her astrological sign come to life by living it by herself—though she didn’t actually realize it.

This is a true sign that she is indeed a true friend and a successful person.

Aside from being a good friend to her classmates and fellow campus writers, Anna Jean (front,center) is also a consistent student leader and academic awardee since her first year at CSF. She graduated as class valedictorian last March 2010.

NOTE: Anna Jean graduated as class valedictorian last March 28, 2010.s

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