FOR A DAY, bouquets and words of gratitude overflowed inside CSF campus.

Literally, this happened when the Student Body Organization (SBO) surprised the teachers with a program in observance of the World Teacher’s Day celebration recently.

CSF Drum and Bugle Corps opened the event with a musical exhibition number to the excitement of the students and teachers.

Noticeably, tears inevitably  welled down in some of  the cheerful cheeks of the 32 CSF faculty and staff, all present in the stage, as students started to troop to their places to hand them flowers and hang garlands on their necks, each one of them shaking their hands and saying thank you.

Thereafter, student leaders from each year level took turns in offering their personal testimonies on the remarkable attributes of their teachers and advisers, with each word carefully chosen and tenderly spoken.

Other students expressed their gratitude through song and dance presentation.

For his part, Mr. German Angayangay, physics teacher and fourth year adviser, shared that the experience was both memorable and nostalgic especially that he considered himself a neophyte in the teaching profession.

“Hearing words of appreciation from the students for the first time means that I have indeed done something valuable to them and that all my efforts in the classroom were not in vain. Personally, I can live a hundred years more with this outpouring of gratitude and appreciation from my students,” he added.

Meanwhile, Brando Movido, SBO president, led the teachers to the campus ground for a parlor game.

Amid the cheering students, the teachers gamely accepted the challenge and started to outwit each other in playing “Pinoy Henyo”, “Eggplant and tomato race”, and “water refilling”.

They also presented a dance number to the surprise of the students.

“This is more than fun. I will take this experience with me to eternity,” mused Mr. Hundzel Sonon, Technical Vocational Education teacher.

In behalf of the CSF faculty and staff, Dr. Ludina Oballo, school principal, expressed her appreciations to the students for their support to the projects and programs in her administration.

NOTE: Check here for more photos and videos during the 2010 Teachers’ Day at CSF.

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