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JUNE 6, 2006. I spent my first day at Carigara School of Fisheries observing my classmates—their mannerism, attitudes, and yes, their looks. I purposely did this so I would know who among my fellow students deserves my loyalty, my companionship and friendship.

In the end, however, I was wrong. Alas, my constant observations and expectations towards my classmates yielded a very disappointing result.

Soon, I have learned that one can never know a person if one is only staring at him or her—in the case of my classmate Anna Jean Eria–from a distance. After knowing this wisdom, I immediately shook this form of naiveté from my self and vowed never to practice it again. Continue reading


FOR A DAY, bouquets and words of gratitude overflowed inside CSF campus.

Literally, this happened when the Student Body Organization (SBO) surprised the teachers with a program in observance of the World Teacher’s Day celebration recently.

CSF Drum and Bugle Corps opened the event with a musical exhibition number to the excitement of the students and teachers.

Noticeably, tears inevitably  welled down in some of  the cheerful cheeks of the 32 CSF faculty and staff, all present in the stage, as students started to troop to their places to hand them flowers and hang garlands on their necks, each one of them shaking their hands and saying thank you. Continue reading