I WAS DUMBSTRUCK the time my colleague asked me to write for the school paper. Dare to ask me why? It’s been years since I last wrote for the publication, and I felt that I’m already a bit rusty on it. For the most part I tried to deliberate on what to write. It seemed all my creative juices had been frozen and now it is to be thawed.

It would be quite simple to put it this way: what valuable lessons in life could I as a mentor impart to the readers?

Living and learning is the real school in life. Being aware of this will lead our old selves to a new persona. When we leave behind that part of us who is self-centered and begin to acknowledge our divine purpose then we are opening the floodgates of spiritual blessings to ourselves. Continue reading



CARIGARA, Leyte—As new school year has opened, Dr. Luisa Bautista-Yu, Regional Director of the Department of Education (DepEd)-Regional Office 8 reminded all the teachers and principals in the region to be more committed on their respective positions for the learners to achieve quality education.

Director Yu was here as guest speaker during the recently held Regional Division-Based Fora on SPG, SSG and PTA Universal Program Implementation at the town’s gymnasium.

Also, she asked the participants to work hand in hand so DepEd will attain its objective which is to develop highly motivated and globally-competitive students.

The gathering was attended by around 220 participants comprised of school heads, student leaders and parents-teachers officials from Leyte division Area II. Continue reading


Pres. Aquino should lead first in quitting a dangerous habit like smoking before leading the country towards "healthy" development

PRES. NOYNOY AQUINO is a known chain-smoker. This habit, though private in nature, has a big influence and impact to the Filipinos. In his public appearances, Noynoy is quoted, “Hindi ako magnanakaw sa kaban ng bayan…kayo ang boss ko!”

To his supporters, Noynoy’s words are always taken as a matter of fact. Being the highest leader in the land, his words and actions are taken as barometer for social transformation. Power and influence naturally emanate from his position. But can he really deliver change? Continue reading


Filipino tradition, like Mano Po (taking the hand of an elderly into one's forehead), is slowly losing appeal among today's Filipino youths.


A word usually used by government leaders, moralists, and even writers. The word also means a call for action for our wrongdoing and misdeeds.

I believe this word particularly applies to my generation. Why? Simply because I believe change is necessary for us in order to become rightful heirs of this land. Before, our forefathers ruled this country with solid character and strong moral values.

They lived with their hearts and minds anchored on the virtues of industry, tenacity, courage, honesty, compassion, respect, and love. In the past, they cherished the “Code of Ethics” like no other.

Today, however, these virtues are slowly fading from the psyche of my fellow youths. Ethics and morality are something old-fashioned to most of us. Continue reading


HERE WE GO AGAIN, GRADUATES! Indeed, days are short and time is fast that sometimes we still find ourselves overwhelmed by this sudden yet expected development in our student years.

Yet, graduates, you do not have to worry with what you are going to do today or tomorrow. We have had prepared some good thoughts to inspire your voyage as you are now caught in a current towards the ultimate purpose of your life and the great importance of your diplomas. Sail on, graduates…be of good cheer and courage!

Graduation is not the end; it’s the beginning—Orrin Hatch

Graduation is only a concept. In everyday life you graduate. Graduation is a process that goes on until the last day of your life. If you can grasp it, you’ll make a difference.—Arie Pencovici Continue reading


Photography is both truth-seeking and truth-telling, says CSF 2010 photojournalist Rose Lyn Ann Pontoy

TAKING PICTURES is not an easy job.

For a photographer, taking picture is also about telling the truth of one’s subject.

A picture can tell a crime, a scenario, or condition of people, places and objects.

For some, it is not only merely photo shots but also these shots can kill people. Like for example, when an influential person is being caught doing a crime on camera, they will surely hunt the photographer and let him destroy the picture or he will be dead the next day. Continue reading



The iSchools Project is the brainchild of former Commission of Information and Communication Technology (CICT) Commissioner Emmanuel C. Lallana. Dr. Lallana recognizes the need to modernize the educational system. He believes that education, like medicine and business, should take advantage of the benefits of ICT and explore what ICT has to offer. According to Dr. Lallana, unlike the other fields, the educational system is still stuck with 19th century methods of teaching and learning. It’s time to bring education to the 21st century.

Source: CICT Official Webpage


CSF joins Camp Blog 2011

Camp Blog 2011

THREE CAMPUS WRITERS and one publication adviser from Carigara Schools of Fisheries have joined this year’s Camp Blog at Visayas State University (VSU), Baybay, Leyte from June 21-26.

The participants are Gina Tampol, Editor-in-chief; Jenneliza Arguelles, Photographer/staff writer; Fermin Pirante, staff writer; and I. Sanchez, school paper adviser.

Joining with them are 20 other participants from different schools in the Visayas region. Continue reading

CSF inaugurates new facilities, holds family day

Carigara Mayor Anlie Go Apostol, GPTA officers, faculty, parents, and visitors witnessed the inauguration and blessing of five-newly built school buildings, mini-fishing boat and various Tech-Voc equipments here recently.

A Family day was also held during the said gathering.

Danilo Lopez, GPTA President expressed gratitude to Mayor Anlie Go Apostol and her mother Cong. Trinidad “Ebbie” Apostol for the full support they have given to the school.

“We are gathered here to witness another milestone in our school. This development will help us experience a harmonious relationship with each other,” Lopez said. Continue reading

Dr. Oballo: CSF is internet ready

Carigara School of Fisheries (CSF) students will do it online the submit the next time they are going to submit their assignments.

Dr. Ludina Oballo, school principal, said this during the turn-over of the newly-constructed computer laboratory and the delivery of some 20 Linux-operated computers in the school thru CICT’s iSchools recently. Continue reading