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CSF now on the net

Photo shows CSF students doing their research and study with the aid of the internet in school.

GOOD NEWS TO CSF STUDENTS, friends and alumni: CSF is now on the net.

Through the help of CICT and ICOT-P, CSF is now going full-blast on its internet connectivity.

School principal Dr. Ludina M. Oballo said that this kind of school-related development is the first time in Carigara and even in the 2nd district of Leyte.

“Through the help of CICT and ICOT-P, students will now have the full advantage of using the internet to become technologically adept and globally competitive, ” Oballo said.

Oballo added that the said plan is in connection to DepEd’s thrust to make all government schools internet ready.

“Information and Communication technology is the trend now, thus we are doing our best to make this happen in our school.”